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Whether you’re growing, transitioning or simply strengthening yourbusiness, our solutions will help ensure your success responsibly.
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Growing your business responsibly.

In a rapidly changing world and with ever competing priorities, our solutions will ensure your agility, growth and resilience.

From Strategy to Execution

We work with you all the way from strategy creation through to execution, navigating and overcoming complexity along the journey together.

Consider us as part of your in-house team or CSO-as-a-service, if you prefer. We don’t just do powerpoints, we do the work.
NEOM ProjectNEOM Project

Achieve your growth objectives

From developing your internationalisation strategy to executing the expansion, ensuring financial stability, and sustainable impact, our services cover your growth needs.


Navigating today's complex and volatile markets requires a robust and resilient business strategy. By working closely with you, we’ll help you achieve your goals and seize on opportunities.


International expansion requires a carefully tailored approach for each local market. We excel at market entry  strategies, leveraging experienced local experts to ensure your  success.

We’ll help you identify strategic international opportunities then support you execute an effective, seamless overseas expansion plan.


Growing your business, unless under-pinned by revenue, will require financing. We help you develop bespoke fundraising strategies to support your growth and ensure your sustained success.

With your strategic goals in mind, we’ll help you identify sources of capital as well as help you prepare to fundraise.


With our sister company being a deep tech impact fund, ESG and impact are in our DNA. We help you develop an appropriate ESG (or impact) approach that is sensible and credible.

Compliance and reporting is not enough. We ensure you’re at the forefront of ESG market trends and regulations so you can stay focused on your core business.
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Tailor made strategies

Industries we work with and love


Those who make the world tick

Christian Walter

Christian Walter

Managing Partner
Focus: Industrials, Sustainability
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Helping companies that help people

Chris Lossin

Chris Lossin

Focus: Healtcare
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Sustainability with ROI

Jonathan Eade

Jonathan Eade

Focus: Finance, Sustainability
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Fast and agile, short on resources

Ahmad Mukheimer

Ahmad Mukheimer

Managing Partner
Focus: Startups, Healthcare
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Don’t just take our word for it

Green Hydrogen is going global
We are supporting a Chinese Hydrogen company in establishing an international presence in Europe, GCC and Australia, and recently won the first 5GW project in Europe.
Hydrogen Installation
increase in valuation
We are structuring the market expansion into Saudi-Arabia

Simple process - great results

How we work - in a nutshell

Initial Discussion

We start bygetting to know and where you’re currently at in the context of the big picture. We get that each and every situation is different.


We get introduced to your team and the people we will work with. We familiarize ourselves withyour internal process and how your day-to-day operations function.

Strategy Development

Working with you at each and every step of the way we develop a carefully tailored strategy that aligns with your goals. This could take many things into account depending on the ask. Using international expansion as an example, we would do a deep dive into market analysis, local trends, market size, regulatory considerations as well as the all important cultural nuances.

Requirement Definition

Before we get to the execution stage we define the resource requirements. Then working closely with you we refine our approach and strategy to enable successful implementation. Strategy development is an iterative process, so we continue to adjust and adapt throght the execution stages.

Strategy Execution

Time to execute.

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