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SDGx Advisory businesses make the right strategic decisions to expand their solutions globally and sustainably.
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Internationalisation made easy

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Grow your business internationally.

Most Businesses face a common dilemma: They recognise an opportunity for expansion but lack the time, local knowledge and resources to execute it.

From Strategy to Execution

We act as a bridge between Strategy and Execution, by working as your in-sourced strategy and expansion office.
NEOM ProjectNEOM Project

Achieve your growth objectives

From developing your internationalisation strategy to executing the expansion and ensuring financial stability, our services cover your growth needs.

Business Strategy

Navigating the complexities of today's market requires a robust business strategy. We work closely with you to develop comprehensive plans that align with your goals and capitalize on opportunities.
Our strategies encompass market analysis, competitive positioning, and actionable insights to drive sustainable growth and enhance your competitive edge.

Global Expansion

International expansion requires a nuanced approach tailored to local markets. Our team specializes in Go-to-Market strategies, leveraging seasoned experts to accelerate your market growth.
We identify strategic opportunities swiftly and execute your internationalisation agenda with precision.


No expansion can thrive without adequate funding - unless it's fueled solely by revenue. We craft bespoke financing strategies designed to underpin your international expansion endeavors and guarantee sustained success.
Our approach ensures financial support aligns seamlessly with your strategic goals, fostering lasting prosperity.

Part of your team
Local Knowledge & Contacts
Tailor made strategies

Industries we work with and love


Those who make the world tick

Navigating complex regulatory environments, understanding diverse market demands, and overcoming logistical hurdles are just some obstacles require nuanced strategies and deep local knowledge to ensure compliance, adapt products, and establish efficient supply chains. Discover how we can simplify this journey for you.
Christian Walter

Christian Walter

Managing Partner
Focus: Industrials, Sustainability
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Helping companies that help people

Healthcare companies embarking on international growth confront stringent regulatory standards, diverse healthcare systems, and cultural sensitivities around medicine and patient care. Our expertise helps healthcare businesses overcome these barriers, ensuring compliant, culturally adapted, and effective market entry strategies. Let's explore your global potential together.
Chris Lossin

Chris Lossin

Focus: Healtcare
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Sustainability with ROI

Accessing global qualified deal flow and implementing ESG strategies presents complex challenges. Navigating diverse regulatory frameworks, understanding varied market dynamics, and aligning investments with sustainable practices require specialized expertise. Our services offer the insights and strategies needed to bridge these gaps, ensuring successful, responsible global investment opportunities. Discover how we can transform your approach.
Jonathan Eade

Jonathan Eade

Focus: Finance, Sustainability
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Fast and agile, short on resources

For startups aiming to expand globally, growing with limited resources poses a significant challenge. Navigating market regulations, cultural adaptations, and securing funding across borders requires precise strategy and local insights, all while managing tight budgets and lean teams. Our expertise supports startups in overcoming these constraints, providing the roadmap for successful international scaling. Let's unlock your global potential together.
Ahmad Mukheimer

Ahmad Mukheimer

Managing Partner
Focus: Startups, Healthcare
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Don’t just take our word for it

Green Hydrogen is going global
We are supporting a Chinese Hydrogen company in establishing an international presence in Europe, GCC and Australia, and recently won the first 5GW project in Europe.
Hydrogen Installation
increase in valuation
We are structuring the market expansion into Saudi-Arabia

Simple process - great results

How we work - in a nutshell

Initial Discussion

In our initial discussion we focus on your current situation. Every situation is different. We need to make sure you we understand from where we start.


We get introduced to your team and the people we will work with, understand your internal processes and your product and the vraious requirements that come with your operations.

Strategy Development

We dive deep into market analysis, international opportunities and the cultural nuances, and regulatory landscapes that we will face. We develop a tailormade strategy that aligns with your goals.

Requirement Definition

Before we start executing the strategy, we define the resources and requirements we need in order to enable the strategy. Usually strategy development go hand-in-hand and are an agile and itterative process.

Strategy Execution

Time to execute.

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