Expanding Jordan's leading healthcare-platform to Saudi-Arabia

Expanding to Saudi-Arabia

As Tebcan expands its presence in Saudi Arabia's healthcare sector, we're proud to be their partner every step of the way. From conducting initial market studies to executing plans on the ground, SDGx Advisory has been with Tebcan from the beginning. With our support, Tebcan is confidently navigating this new territory and setting the stage for success.

We've been instrumental in Tebcan's journey in Saudi Arabia, aiding in market entry, localizing operations, and securing funding. 

Our deep understanding of the local market and investor mindset has enabled Tebcan to navigate effectively. Together, we've obtained regulatory approvals for Tebcan's health tech app, ensuring seamless integration into Saudi Arabia's healthcare system.

This collaboration is paving the way for Tebcan's sustained growth and impact in the country's healthcare sector.

Services provided

  • Data room preparation.
  • Financial reporting preparation.
  • Investor relations.
  • Localizing Operations

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