Enabeling green hydrogen production

China has the largest hydrogen manufacturing capacity in the world. How do we export it globally?

What was the goal?

A Chinese OEM developing Hydrogen equipment. Among their clients and partners in China are multinationals like Bao Steel. The company wants to expand into global markets in the next years, however under a European Brand.

Services Provided:

  • Develop a European Brand
  • Develop the sales and marketing approaches for Europe, Middle East and Australia
  • Develop the operational model
  • Hire local staff
  • Identify local partners for project execution, funding, and local manufacturing and equipment partners
  • Participate in tenders 
  • Fundraising & Project Finance

The project

With the local team in China we developed an agency brief to identify a suitable brand image.
The company was set on the name, which was later registered in the Netherlands. Based on the budget requirements of the client, we selected an agency to develop the brand and are currently managing the process of website development, stationery and all other requirements.

In parallel we analysed the markets in Europe, the Middle East and Australia for potential projects, EPC partners and local equipment manufacturers that are necessary to provide turn-around hydrogen projects.

We analysed the information on the various markets and prioritised the MENA market above the European market, due to faster decision making processes, less regulatory constraints and green hydrogen production potential and started to engage the relevant stakeholders.

At the same time we started to develop operational and process manuals to ensure smooth project communication between China and the European market, to enable speedier response times and reduction of errors, due to language barriers.

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